I have always loved to play soccer and I had a dream about being a soccer player. But, I also had the medicine as a reference, because my father and brother are doctors. So, I did the exams to enter in both courses: journalism and Medicine. I was approved in Unisinos in 1989, when I started to study journalism.

I chose my profession because I have always been curious about sport events and sports, in general. Besides, I love the comunication channels: tv, radio, journal, websites and social midia, areas that I have a lot of experience. And, above all this, I love people and the relationships we criate from their histories.

Hello! I agree because the biggest problem today is the cell phones. The children and teenagers have these equipments as a gift from their parents, instead bycicles and balls, for example. Another point is that, my generation made the transition between the no digital for digital era, and, because of this, the younger generations have more facility with desktops, tablets and smartphones.

Maybe, this fact estimulates children and teenagers to be more conected, and, besides of this, the Pandemic accelerated even more the use of the technology. This reality makes the students pay less atention at the teachers during the classes, and they have dificulty to study, to read books,… the biggest challenge is finding the balance between the “too much” and the healthy using of the technology.